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The first week.

And here I am, back again with another update.
The first week was... slow. The person who's responsible for guiding me at the internship will return tomorrow (Monday) because then her vacation is over.
Her not being there was cause for me to get to know the company a bit better alongside with doing some small projects, but all-in-all it wasn't a very busy week.
The first day I was feeling brave, work isn't that far away from me (less than 2KM) so I decided to walk with Google Maps as my trusty backup!
(Barbados pro-tip: DO NOT USE GOOGLE MAPS IN BARBADOS) That's a mistake I won't make again! a walk that should take about 20 minutes turned into an hour walk of me strolling through backstreets and sweating profusely as I wore uncomfortable formal shoes and a laptop bag, finally after what seemed like half a day I found the gate to the building! 
The... wrong gate, after finding out that this specific gate wasn't in use anymore. I decided to give up and just call them to ask for help.
Luckily the lady at the reception was friendly and understanding and she send a security guard my way to let me in through the gate, after a couple of tries and keys, the guard let me in and I could finally start my day!
Needless to say, I won't do that again.
So now I'm taking a taxi to and from work every day! It costs a pretty penny, but it safes me a lot of stress (and even more blisters, RIP: Feet)
The Taxi driver is a chill guy who I made a deal with to come pick me up every workday at 8AM and I'll send him a message when he can pick me up. All for the same rate (Which I will not disclose, unless you want to donate money to me to pay for my taxi-fares :P)
During the week, outside of work I haven't been doing much, I have mainly just relaxed after work to get into a rhythm a bit more.
Other than that I've been trying to keep up cooking every day rather than going out or ordering food somewhere. In a strange way, the process of preparing food calms me down a bit and lets me have some creative fun with basic ingredients to add some flavor to meals. (See pictures underneath)
But other than cooking, gaming, reading and sleeping I haven't been doing too much, so that's about the end of this update! 
I will see you next time!

Picture 1: Cauliflower with Baked Potatoes and a hummus dip.                                       Picture 2: Tagliatelle with chicken and Parmesan cheese :)

Picture 3: Boiled potatoes, White Cabbage (witte kool) and bit of Pork strips cooked with salt and pepper.

Robin Rants