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Whoop whoop, Accidental Noodle Soup!

Hey hey and welcome back to a new article!

Now the past week was a pretty active week for me during work (Hopefully I'll be able to share the results soon enough) But like I said, I won't talk about work too much.
Like the last update I didn't do much during the week in regards to exploring and/or having fun. However last Saturday I decided to go exploring in the morning!
I took a walk of about one hour to see what's around my apartment and where the good food places were. and I have to admit... there's not a lot of shops near me, but there's a TON of foodplaces within 20 minutes walking distance for me. Barbados pro-tip: Always try to have 3.50BBD or a multitude of that on you, in case you have figured out how the buses here work.  Below are some pictures I took while walking around, the first picture of a building they started making, but for some reason was never finished. 2 and 3 are just nice pictures of a beach and the 4th one was this creepy abandoned house I found, with rusted, broken down fence and all! spooooooky.


After I was done exploring I returned to my apartment and had some Chefette on my way back (hmmmmm tasty fast food) and did nothing for the rest of the saturday~ 

On Sunday I decided to (try to) make bean soup! and I have to admit, it went really well! Up to the point where I threw in what I thought was Vermicelli, but what turned out to be Chow Mein Noodles, thus accidentally creating a noodle-bean soup! No matter it was still tasty! You can see the picture below! 

Robin Rants