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Hurricanes and fish, oh my!

Hello and welcome back to a new article about my Barbados Adventure!
As some of you may have noticed, at this moment there's a big hurricane going in the Caribbean, and while I'm VERY thankful for all your thoughts and concerned messages *cough*
I'm more than ok, the weather didn't fully hit Barbados. We had some strong winds and distant thunder but that's about all we had over here.
I did of course prepare well, bought plenty of food and drinks to last for days and made sure I knew where to go in case it became really bad. (But it didn't) There was a mysteriously orange sky right before it hit though! (Picture below). But in the end, I'm glad we made it out ok! (Not that Hurricane season is over....)


But back to more fun topics! Like... FOOD!
Last Friday night I was taken out to Oistins by my (Super kind) internship guide and her husband. She had heard that I do enjoy trying local dishes and culture so she told me this was something I HAD to try! 
And I'm GLAD I did! After giving me a small tour throughout the places I hadn't been yet, I was taken to Oistins.
And what might Oistins be? You may ask. Well... when it was first talked about, I expected it to be a fish restaurant.
I was WRONG. Oistins is a district in Barbados that has a fish market during the weekends with some restaurants/stands/snackbars(?) where they specialize in fish.
However, Friday night is when it all goes wild. There's a ton of people there, ordering fish, potatoes and other grilled and/or fried things! Music is playing, people are dancing and despite there being a clear police presence, there's a generally relaxed atmosphere going.
When we arrived at the place that sold some of the best fish (According to my friendly guides) I immediately saw 2 huge grills with flames blazing up every so often. 2 people were grilling potatoes and different kinds of fish as a lady at the counter took the orders.
This was something I had to get used to: You would first go to the counter > Place your order > The lady would take your money and write the order on a box that would keep your food warm > Put the things she had behind the counter for your order in there and send you on your way to the grills > over there you would wait in line for your potatoes or fish (if you had both you would have to wait twice as they were in different lines.
All in all, I had to wait in line 3 times!
Was it worth it?
D e f i n i t e l y 
Barbados Pro-tip: Go to Oistins on a Friday if you're a fan of fresh fish and good atmosphere!
(Pics below)

2 big pieces of Marlin, Grilled potatoes and Plantain (baked banana)                 a blurry impression of the crowds and atmosphere

The party as seen from a distance (From a nearby pier)

As you can see living in Barbados has its ups (great culture, great food, great people) and its downs (Stooooooorms) but I can only look forward to what other new things I might experience! :)
I will see you all in the next update!

Ps. I found your rum.


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