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Where's my update?!

Relax, it's right here! 
I know I didn't update for about 2 weeks, but the reason for that was quite simple: Not a lot happened.
Work was crazy busy and while I cannot share things in general, I guess I can share what has already been released!

For those following me on Facebook, you may have noticed me sharing this image. And why is that you may ask? Well, it's because I was the one who made it! (somehow)
Visuals like this and (many) others have been what I have been working on (many of which I cannot share yet).
Outside of work I have been exploring little by little, last week I went for a stroll through the terrain my apartment is on, and it's quite a nice place to wander around (watch out for flying golf-balls though). 

In the same weekend I also decided to cook meals in advance (I know you all missed my posts about food the most of course!) I now have enough food to last me about 1.5 to 2 weeks! :D (If you count the days that I still cook fresh meals or friday fry-day)

Although I missed the past Fry-day, I went on Saturday instead. I had heard a lot about a special at Barbados' seemingly favorite restaurant/fastfood place (yes it's both) Chefette! apparently their Chicken Tenders are very very tasty, so naturally I had to try it out!
I walked for about 15 to 20 minutes and ordered a "mini" chicken tender combo.
6 Chicken tenders with a coke, fries and a roll. I was worried if that would be enough to satiate my hunger.

It was... and it was GOOD! (and so was the view!)

I could talk about food some more, but I get comments that I do that too much already (you know who you are =.=)
So for now I'm signing off! Thank you for reading and I'll see you in the next update!
Robin OUT!


Robin Rants